Vanguard modules

13 11 2007

Work has started on AIA’s first module for Altea Aerospace and the XR5-Vanguard.

The Habitat for Orbital Operations and Payloads (HOOP) is a platform designed to increase the duration and capability of the Vanguard whilst on orbital operations. It will fit into the front of the payload bay, extending the exisitng hab structure of the Vanguard, but leaving plenty of bay space available for additional payloads.

The module will include:-

-Extra storage and living space (with windows).

-A robotic arm for orbital payload manouvers with arm control station.
-Solar panels and radiators for additional power and heat management.

-Additional airlock for EVA’s (under consideration).

Here are some very early screens of the design, giving an indication of it’s format. It shows the module in both transit and operational configurations.

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Resolve International Released

5 09 2007

I have finally finished the Resolve International zip package and uploaded it to Orbithangar.

It can be downloaded HERE

Please read enclosed documentation for detailed information regarding installation, other required addons, guidance file, engine configurations and vessel controls. You will also find mission details for the Hard Days Work scenarios.


Here is some info:

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Resolve International

5 09 2007

I have dubbed my new Resolve recode the Resolve International.

I spent today putting together the mission scenario content pack “Hard Days Work”.  So now the guidance, ini, scenario and sound files are all completed and documentation is done.

Release is gonna hopefully be tomorrow.

Resolve launch sounds

4 09 2007

Spent some time making launch chatter for the content pack guidance file.  I’ve used a free voice vox thing, so it isn’t perfect.  But it adds some interest and personality to the auto-launch.  I hope to record ‘real’ radio chatter for the Resolve dll, so this is just an indication of intention… again another test bed.

Should have the content pack stuff finished up tomo.  Then just some more flight testing and documentation before release.

Resolve Content Pack

3 09 2007

As you may or may not know, the excellent Resolve by Donamy is currently getting a new lease of life (by Donamy, Russ and myself), with it’s own dll, better flight physics, a finished mesh, custom panels etc. This project will take a while, so in the mean time I am working on an interim version of the ship.

At present the Resolve is very easy to use in orbit due to huge engines and masses of fuel, and drops like a stone in the atmosphere. So, I am addressing these things in my content pack.

The pack will include:-

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Salamander texture

31 08 2007

I have just given Simfly an early trial texture for the Salamander. Once he has tried it out we will talk further about it’s development. No screens at present until I make more progress. The basic colour scheme is a dark green with golden/yellow trim.

So if all goes to plan and I can produce something to fit Simfly’s needs and taste, the AIA logo should be making an early appearance in the manifest destiny universe 😉

I’ll post more details when I have them.

Donamay’s Resolve

15 08 2007

As you may know, Donamy’s Resolve is currently getting the refurb it so desperately deserves.  Whilst Don works on the Mesh, Russ is coding the DLL files.

AIA is currently in development of the new cockpit interface.  An early version of the touch screen system is currently being installed in the Resolve, so that Russ can code the software.


AIA Systems Human Interface Device #313

Other projects

22 06 2007

I’ve just started to get involved with 2 other Orbiter community projects alongside my own Ascension Project.

I still plan to have my own UKSSP stuff as priority, but love a good collaboration.

So, soon I will post up info about my progress with those projects too, which are:

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