Ascension International Aerospace

one step closer…

AIA logo

Ascension International Aerospace is a fictional, near-future corporation, established to explore near space and beyond through Orbiter Simulator.   It has no affiliation to national governments and is independent from any governmental space agencies.  It is a privately funded organisation and commercial venture, aimed at opening up space for all mankind.

The Aim

AIA has three long-term projects at this time.  The Ascension Project is the name given to the development of Wideawake International spaceport on Ascension Island.  This will become the bedrock for AIA’s funding and provide other private agencies with the facilities to run their own missions.  Wideawake is also the springboard for both the Toehold Project and the Foothold Project.  Toehold aims to construct a comprehensive space station in earth LEO, to lay the foundation for Foothold, which will see the construction and habitation of a base on the moon.

Visit AIA blog for info on Company activity.

Visit Ascension Island addons for info on the Wideawake Launch Facility.

Visit Toehold Project addons for info on AIA’s space station program

Visit AIA addons for info on AIA’s space program.

Visit Other Orbiter Addons for info on AIA’s involvement with out-of-house projects.


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