Redeveloped Hangar Row

23 02 2011

As previously mentioned, regarding the Lease hangars concept, here is a shot showing the new layout for Hangar Row. There are now 3 TA Hangars, 3 Large Lease Hangars and 6 Small Lease Hangars. The area still requires considerable development, but this layout is final.


Hangar Row development

6 02 2011

Here is the new configuration for the TA and Lease Hangars.  You can see the 3 TA Hangars, the 6 small Lease Hangars, and the 3 large Lease hangars (not yet modelled).

Here’s another shot, but alpha testing the control tower control room view.

Advertising campaign reaps results

6 02 2011

Amongst some new company advertisements, Carmen A has produced some comical fictional product adverts.

Here is a little taster… get it.. taster…

AU Port redevelopment

6 02 2011

The location for the proposed port facility has been has been moved from the town to the west end of the base.  It will now integrate directly into the Cargo Depot.

Here is a shot showing the rough layout.

UA re-development

5 02 2011

Due to various considerations, there has been a nominal re-design of parts of the AU base.

The number of TA hangars has been reduced to 3, and 9 of the storage hangars have been moved to replace 2 of the TA hangars – 6 Light and 3 Heavy in a back-to-back configuration.  These new hangars will be called ‘Lease Hangars’ and are the ones to be made available for rent.  The previous Storage Hangar area has been redesigned.  In its place there is now 4 large storage hangars and a substantial cleared site, for an as yet undisclosed development.  The port has also been moved to this area, to directly integrate with the Cargo Depot.

Here is an up-to-date plan of the base.

More AU dev shots

4 02 2011

Here is another AU dev gallery.  ALL Pics show work in progress.

AU Dev shots

3 02 2011

Once the next stage of the back-end is done I will start a dev thread on the Orbiter forum, but in the meantime I thought I would post up a few more random dev shots.  All show work in progress.

Here you can see the MC towers, the Launch Facility entrance, carpark and office space in the foreground.  The undeveloped area (purple and green) in the background will become Storage hangars and the cargo depot.

The beginning of the Launchway is visible on the left, with the TA hangars on the right.  In the far distant right is the town development where the port will  also be located.

This last aerial shot shows the full footprint of the base, along with the new island mesh.  The facility at the far right is the airport and ORL HQ.  Also visible here (in blue) is the undeveloped vertical launch site.  The basic layout will be familiar with WIN users, although there are some crucial changes, which will be revealed over time.


Advertising Boards

1 02 2011

For the ORL project, AIA appealed to virtual agencies for advertising boards to line the runway.  Following the success of this venture, AIA has decided to include such advertising across the whole of the new WIN development.

Therefore, AIA is again appealing to virtual agencies to offer up billboards and signs for inclusion.  The offer is open to all, but the AIA PR team reserves the right to reject any entries it regards as unsuitable.

There are two different sizes of advertising board available.  A 1:1 ratio square board, and a 4:1 rectangular board.

If you wish to offer advertising to AIA, please contact wehaveaproblem on the Orbiter Forum.


Here are the current advertising boards AIA uses.  If you represent one of the companies shown and wish to either withdraw your advertising or offer a replacement,  again please contact wehaveaproblem on the Orbiter Forum.