things on a slow

16 07 2007

Following a hospital stay and other RL things to sort out, my orbiter modding has slowed a bit of late and will do for a while.  What time I get I’m using to play rather than mod.  Projects aren’t dead, just on hold for a while until i get my energy back and sort my life out a bit.


Company and Projects Update

2 07 2007

Due to my involvement with other projects and demands of real life etc. I am considering a re-design of the UKSSP and its projects.

Under consideration is a name change and rebranding, re-launching the company as a private contractor for others, with no projects of its own as such. The company would construct bases and other components for other Orbitnaut’s projects and addons.

I think this set-up would suit my play style better atm. But decision is not yet made. For now I am spending time on other, non UKSSP, projects (and playing the game a bit!) and seing how things go as to how best to move on.

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