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The Orbiter Racing League is a colaborative effort of Orbiteers from the community, who wish to race against the clock and each other.

There will now be two seperate releases of this addon:

AIA Offline package (v1.1 released): This contains all the necessary content for OFFLINE play only.  It allows you to fly all the courses against the clock, either for practice/fun or for entry into the Offline league tables.  This package has now been updated to v1.1 to fix a few issues.  It can be downloaded here.

ORL OMP package: This is a larger, collaborative and open source effort between multiple Orbiter developers and contributors.  This is aimed at the ONLINE multiplayer side of the ORL, using Face’s OMP server/client architecture.   This project will take longer than the offline version to establish and will be an ongoing developmental project.

Deltawing777 has released a new package for the OMP version of this project.  It includes all the required addons to play in one package.  It represents the latest content and coding.  The package can be downloaded here



3 responses

2 08 2009

wow. this is a truly amazing addon to orbiter, and ads alot of fun, and very good at training skills, and as for multiplayer, i cant wait

11 09 2009
Dig Gil

Excuse me asking this way and so late, but the question came up just recently:
Is there any conflict of the AddOns in this competition with the Over_G Air Racing AddOn (

13 09 2009

Interesting question. The design of the ORL stuff has been done completely independently, so a conflict may well be possible. I do not know what custom coding, if any, that the Over_G addon uses, so do not know if it clashes with RCPMFD or gate configs.

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