Vanguard modules

13 11 2007

Work has started on AIA’s first module for Altea Aerospace and the XR5-Vanguard.

The Habitat for Orbital Operations and Payloads (HOOP) is a platform designed to increase the duration and capability of the Vanguard whilst on orbital operations. It will fit into the front of the payload bay, extending the exisitng hab structure of the Vanguard, but leaving plenty of bay space available for additional payloads.

The module will include:-

-Extra storage and living space (with windows).

-A robotic arm for orbital payload manouvers with arm control station.
-Solar panels and radiators for additional power and heat management.

-Additional airlock for EVA’s (under consideration).

Here are some very early screens of the design, giving an indication of it’s format. It shows the module in both transit and operational configurations.






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30 11 2007
Dog A.K.A woo482

I like this

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