ORRL development going well

31 12 2008

All things regarding the ORRL are going very well and development is coming on apace.

There will now be two seperate releases of this addon:

AIA ORRL package: This will contain all the necessary content for OFFLINE play only.  It will allow you to fly all the courses against the clock, either for practice/fun or for entry into the Offline league tables.  This package is essentially complete, technically.  It just requires finalisation of courses, the RCPMFD and documentation.  It will be released as soon as the beta is complete in the new year.

SF ORRL OMP package: This is a larger, collaborative and open source effort between multiple Orbiter developers and contributers.  This is aimed at the ONLINE multiplayer side of the ORRL, using Face’s OMP server/client architecture.  Once the project is out of early beta and running as intended, we plan to run MP sessions, with league tables, for Orbitnauts to join in and race or just spectate.  This project will take longer than the offline version to establish and will be an ongoing developmental project.

Here are some screens of a new racing skin I have been playing with for the XR2, featuring the ORRL sponsors to date.


ORRL in-house testing begins

28 12 2008

The ORRL closed BETA play-tests are under way, with most functionality in place.  Following feedback and bug hunting, more content will be added and the general release will be compiled – hopefully within a week or so.

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Generic Hangars Released

24 12 2008

Following request, AIA is releasing the 2 main hangars used at Wideawake International for easy inclusion in other people’s bases.


DG class hangar

XR5 class hangar

Hangar texture

(These are plain grey versions)

The large sign has a customizable/replaceable texture.

They can be downloaded HERE


On your marks…

20 12 2008

AIA has started development and contractual work in order to launch the Orbiter Rocket Racing League.  It is hoped that the Racing League shall be officially started on the new year, with the addon released within the next week.

Sponsorship for the League has begun to trickle in, here are a few shots of the test billboarding and finish line.  Also see a baloon pylon design which shall be used as a race marker and advertising/sponsor space.

update: new pics added.

Beyond Phase 2…

16 12 2008

Now that Wideawake International is operational, Phase 2 of the Ascension Project is complete.  This marks an important step for AIA.  Although there are some plans for further expansion of the Wideawake base, they are not short term goals and therefore are not next on the development agenda.  It is time for AIA to turn it’s gaze away from Earth…

Currently, AIA are focusing time to the following areas:-

-Orbiter Rocket Racing League – KSC-WIN Time Trial Challenge

-Toehold Project – development of core station module

-XR5 Payloads – HOOP and other projects

-General R&D – AIA has a few other projects on the drawing board

It is likely that the ORRL time trials will be the next release from AIA, hopefully by the new year.  Following that will come the more substantial Toehold Project.  It is, as yet, undecided what shall be developed and produced first to support this effort.  But it is known that the Jupiter V-X (by AndyMC) and the XR-5(by dbeachy & RussH) have been selected as the operational vessels for the project.

Wideawake Video by Tex

9 12 2008

One of the most renowned video makers in the Orbiter Community, Tex, made the following video featuring Wideawake Interntional.  AIA would like to thank him for choosing our island for his artistic endevours!

Wideawake International Released

7 12 2008

Ascension International Aerospace is proud to announce the release of Wideawake International, the most advanced development of Ascension Island to date.

The new base includes:

21 x light hangars, for DG/XR1 class vessels
7 x Heavy hangars for XR5 class vessels
Loading and unloading facilities for all winged craft
3 x Runways
2 x Vertical Launch Pads with VAB
Domestic Airport
New Central Command Centre
Fueling depot for winged vessels
Numerous other miscellaneous buildings and custom meshes
New surface tiles for base layout
Over 30 scenarios

Click Downloads tab for download link.

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The ribbon cutting gets closer

3 12 2008

The base is done, as is the manual.  I just need to do a few more scenarios and then it’s ready for upload.  I’m trying to resisit any tweaking, so it should be out by the weekend.

Aerial shot

Aerial shot