Back on the drawing board – Base plans finalised!

29 09 2008

After severe delays, AIA is pleased to announce that work on Wideawake International has restarted.  The layout plan has been redrafted and finalised, with the foundations now finally laid!

Completion is still a long way off, but a roadmap is now in place for development.  With the groundmap down and the foundations laid, the next step is development of the building infrastructure that will shape the future of Wideawake International.

The picture below shows the base foundations and runways laid out, along with all the old building infrastructure.  There has been some redesign of the layout from the pevious post, with all decisions now made final.

Wideawake International

Wideawake International

Image Legend:
1. Runway 12L/30R, for domestic flights and auxillery orbital landing.
2. Runway 12R/30L, main landing runway for wheeled space vessels.
3. Mission Command and VAB Complex, this will be reorganised and rearranged.
4. General Purpose Launch Pad (GPLP), for vertical launch assemblies.
5. Runway 12RR/30LL/Launch, for launch of wheeled space vessels.
6. Pre-Launch Facility Alpha, wheeled vessel fueling facility, loading of clean cargo, space tourist terminal.
7. Pre-Launch Facility Beta, wheeled vessel loading facility for ‘dirty’ space freight.
8. Storage & Maintenance Facility, for domestic and wheeled space vessels.
9. Post-Flight Facilities, for unloading of cargo/passengers, domestic flight terminal.

As ever, development will be sporadic, but the upcoming hubble mission has wet my whistle for space again, so I want to finally get Wideawake up to a level that will do justice for the XR5 and similar next-gen vessels.