Resolve International Released

5 09 2007

I have finally finished the Resolve International zip package and uploaded it to Orbithangar.

It can be downloaded HERE

Please read enclosed documentation for detailed information regarding installation, other required addons, guidance file, engine configurations and vessel controls. You will also find mission details for the Hard Days Work scenarios.


Here is some info:

The beta release of the Resolve had rather rudimentary spacecraft3 coding, not really doing the beautiful mesh justice. This addon is my attempt to rectify these problems.

I have spent time recoding the aerodynamics, basing them more closely on the Resolve mesh itself.

I have also made changes to the RCS thrust, engine thrust, engine configurations and propellant levels.

This addon aims to do 2 things; Give players a chance to use a ‘better’ Resolve until the full .dll version is done, and allow us (the devs of the dll version) to flight test the numbers prior to coding.

Included in this addon:-

-Recoded spacecraft3 ini’s, representing various engine configurations.

-New aerodynamics model more closely based on Resolve mesh.

-Guidance file for auto-launch from Ascension Island.

-Radio sound files for auto-launch.

-Scenarios to explore the various new functions.

“Hard Days Work” mission scenarios to add some content. Build an orbital space station.


Completed “Hard Days Work” station


Resolve International after safe landing at Ascension.




One response

20 09 2007

See my comment for the 19th. Great work!

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