Phase 1 complete

31 08 2007

Now that Phase 1 of the Ascension project has been completed, the company is looking forward to it’s own future space missions.

Project Toehold is the name given to the first of these.  It’s aim is the construction of a sizable orbital facility on or close to a plane with the moon at a height of about 500km.  The first stage of the station will be composed of SANCap power modules, currently in the design stage.  This will be followed by a concept refueling and docking module also in development.  Lastly will come testbed habitation modules.

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Salamander texture

31 08 2007

I have just given Simfly an early trial texture for the Salamander. Once he has tried it out we will talk further about it’s development. No screens at present until I make more progress. The basic colour scheme is a dark green with golden/yellow trim.

So if all goes to plan and I can produce something to fit Simfly’s needs and taste, the AIA logo should be making an early appearance in the manifest destiny universe 😉

I’ll post more details when I have them.

Version 2 released!

30 08 2007

Ascension Island Version 2 has been released!

The ZIP can be downloaded HERE




Please read enclosed documentation for installation instructions. It is important to follow them carefully for the addon to work properly.

Small update: v2.1 at orbithangar due to a date issue with inclosed scenarios causing timeline feature not to trigger. If you have v2.0 then just change scenario MJD to be later than 55197.000012 to solve problem.


Here is some more info about version 2.

Changes since v1:

-17 custom day and night textures for new AIA base buildings.

-Timeline Feature implemented.

-New general Purpose Launch Pad and VAB building.

-Topography meshes tweaked to be slightly more organic.

-Most of the clouds removed from Surface Tiles.

-AIA base runway extended and widened slightly (4.3km length).

-Several new Scenarios for each base version.

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Employees Arrive!

30 08 2007


Work on the island is complete. I’m just writing the documentation and bugchecking the install. Should be released 30 August.

Here are a few more screens prior to full release.

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V2: almost there

28 08 2007

VAB building is now done. It’s nothing too fancy, but functional and pretty enough.

Here’s a little teaser pic showing some Assembly and Admin Facilities, the rear of the VAB and the Launch Pad in the distance.


So, the to-do list looks something like this:-

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Resolve mlp for GPLP

24 08 2007

Completed a new mlp for the pad today. This one is for the Resolve by Donamy. It is basically a remake of the mlp used on the Resolve pad that comes with that addon. The gantry is aligned to the Resolve’s main Dock.


Oh and I finally edited out the clouds from the surface tiles yesterday too. Another thing crossed off the list.  However I am considering making some higher res surface textures for Ascension too, but this is a maybe.  If I do it, they will cover the SW corner of the island, so just the Wideawake area.

Due to the extra work I’ve decided to do on Ascension Island, it will defentitely mean a release next week, although should mean I’m happier with the release.

some screens

23 08 2007

I rejigged my GPLP today, so that the MLPs can be changed out to fit different launchers.  At the moment I only have the General Purpose MLP complete, but hope to also include them for the Resolve and some other craft.  Each MLP will be combined with the animated tower gantry into its own spacecraft 3 vessel that can be loaded in the relevant scenario.

Here are a couple of shots of the GPMLP set up:


getting there

22 08 2007

-The GP launch pad is now finished and it’s animations coded.  Although there is one thing I may add, though for all intents and purposes it is done.

-All the textures are converted and ready.

-VAB and trackway still to do (tomorrow).

-Few more buildings and beacons still to add as well as a few other tweaks.

-I should really edit out the clouds on the surface tiles too.  But it’s a bitch of a job to get right.

So things are looking on track to finish by the weekend.  Definitely by early next week if not.

JoshB has asked me to do some basic texture work for the Salamander too, so that will be the first thing I start to do once Ascensionv2 is released.

Ascension V2 update

20 08 2007

Just a quick update on Version 2 progress.

I have decided to get this finished this week, completing Ascension Project Phase 1, so that I can concentrate on other AIA projects, but always have a base to work from.

Still to do:

-Complete new General Purpose launch facility and code the spacecraft3 for its moving parts.

-Build a simple VAB mesh.

-Tweak hill and mountain meshes to make them a little more organic.

-Reconvert all textures to better quality DDS for whole island.

-Tweak some crap, add a few more buildings and beacons and etc.

-Write new docs and repackage.

Here’s a few screens of unfinished work:

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Donamay’s Resolve

15 08 2007

As you may know, Donamy’s Resolve is currently getting the refurb it so desperately deserves.  Whilst Don works on the Mesh, Russ is coding the DLL files.

AIA is currently in development of the new cockpit interface.  An early version of the touch screen system is currently being installed in the Resolve, so that Russ can code the software.


AIA Systems Human Interface Device #313