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Currently available for download:

Wideawake International Ascension Ultra 2010 Edition

An all new Wideawake, with many sexy features, including new higher poly meshes and textures, animated and interactive components, most noteably the Acension MFD module which  allows direct access and control for all the base features.

This project is currently in open beta and is unfinished, but most of the aesthetics and functionality has been implemented, so it is very usable in its current state.  Unlike my other projects, this one can be downloaded from the bitbucket project repo here:

Ascension Ultra Open Beta

Wideawake International

An expanded and more comprehensive version of AIA’s Space Launch Facility on Ascension Island (current release version).

Wideawake International is a much larger and better equipped base, taking you ‘one step closer’ to space!

Generic Hangars

The DG and XR5 hangars from Wideawake International base.

Released as a separate add-on for easy inclusion in your own bases.

Orbiter Racing League v1

The offline package for racing against the clock.

It is also required if you plan to try OMP racing.

Resolve International

Spacecraft 3 recode of Donamy’s Resolve shuttle.

Includes: improved aerodynamics, autopilot launch, sounds files and scenarios.

Ascension Island V2

Includes 2 older versions of the base (controlled by Orbiter Timeline feature):

Cold War era airfield(as it is in reality) and 21st Century AIA Space Launch Facility with animated launchpad.


2 responses

30 12 2007
John Tex

I find your wideawake sim a lot of fun and i use it quite abit.
When I use Orbiter I mostly do Lunar trips and this Mod works out great.
I also like having another base for my own senerios.
Please keep up the great work.
The only problem I have is with the VC cockpit ( I probily have something set wrong) it projects to far foward on my computer. heard you might have a 2d cockpit in the works look foward to it please keep up the good work
And happy landings

9 12 2008
Kevin Macy

woah…a message by John Tex…..truly epic addon

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