Orbiter Rocket Racing league

23 11 2008

I am exploring the idea of AIA starting, and hosting, a Rocket Racing League within the Orbiter community (ORRL).  At this stage I am sounding out the idea to the community to get some feedback.  Read the forum thread HERE for the details so far.  Please post any thoughts you may have.

Here are 2 proof-of-concept shots to wet your whistles.


All planned building works completed

22 11 2008

AIA is happy to announce that all the planned construction has been completed, so unless further client requests come in within a few days, then the base is basically finished – bar the odd tweak.  What remains is to package it up into a release, including manual, scenarios and whathaveyou.

Here’s a few more shots of things as they are.

I’m pretty busy for the next week, so not sure when I will get it all wrapped up, so I will say next Tuesday…

Radar network operational

21 11 2008

Following my decisision to include a few more meshes, today I installed the islands radar system.

It comprises of a radar array on top of the mountain and 1 dome at each end of the airfield, to cover long range and ground requirements respectively.

Radar Array

Radar Array

Promotional Video

21 11 2008

Took a break from the manual labour of building the base and thought I would make a little teaser/promo video instead.

So, without further ado, AIA presents One Step Closer.

Link to larger google video version

Vertical Launch Complex development

20 11 2008

Following client requests, AIA decided to install a second vertical launch facility to WI.  The new pad is, in essence, a smaller version of the mighty GPLP.  It’s 50 meter tower is designed to facilitate launch of smaller rockets.  The VAB complex has also been extended to accomodate the new pad.

Along with this came the redevelopement of the support buildings, finally replacing the last of the cold war era buildings and bringing order to the complex.

Here are 2 shots of the vertical Launch Complex after the expansion.

MCC/CCC up and running

19 11 2008

The Mission Control Centre or Central Command Complex was completed today, with little problem.  Staff have begun installing and booting all the necessary systems to bring Wideawake International online.  Once full spectrum tests have been completed, WI will be prepped for full operations and the grand opening.

Dev has entered the final tweaking stage, so release is close.  After the final tweaks have been made, the addon will be compiled into a release package.

Sensitive Materials Facility

18 11 2008

The clean room Sensitive Materials Facility has been constructed.  It is designed for the loading of clean and delicate payloads, with all-round protection from the elements.

(although this model doesnt actually have animated doors).

Here are a few shots, not that it is a particularly attractive building, rather practical.

Next on the list is the Central Command Buildings, then we are almost there…

Fueling Depot Completed

10 11 2008

AIA is pleased to confirm that the Winged Vessel Fueling Facility has been completed.  With the depot in place, Wideawake International creeps ever closer to completion…

Fueling Facility

Fueling Facility

XR5 Vanguard and DG-1 fuel up for trips to the stars

EDIT: I have made 2 changes to the depot since this pic was taken.  Firstly, I switched the lanes round so the XR-5 class vessels have less manouvering to do to get into the depot.  Secondly,  I removed the concrete floor texture as it looked at odds with my other floorless hangars and also interfered with shadows.

Wideawake Airport complete

10 11 2008

Today saw the completion of the Wideawake International Airport terminal.

After a small technical glitch with the baggage handling system, things are running as planned… although some newly arrived Island employees must wait for their luggage to return from Mombasa.

WI Airport

WI Airport

With the airport complete, Wideawake International is on course for a release next Tuesday!

works flyby

9 11 2008

Just a small press release today to share a photograph taken by our surveying team following the latest developments.  It shows all the hangar infrastructure for the base completed.

Unforseen work on the hangars has delayed development of the domestic airport facility.  Also, questions have been raised about how best to utilise the space adjacent to the old airport control tower, again delaying it’s development.

Surveyor flyby

Ascension flyby

Edit: following completion of the Airport, the survey team took to the sky for another photo.

WI flyby

WI flyby