Ascension Project


The Ascension Project is the name given to the establishment and development of the space operations base on Ascension Island.  The project is currently at Phase 2 completion, with Wideawake International fully operational.  This advanced and expansive facility is the base of operations for future projects and an important source of income for AIA.

Phase 2 has been completed and is now available for download

See the Promotional Teaser Video HERE

The Ascension Project has received a new surge in development following the 2010 release of Orbiter.  AIA is currently working on an all new Wideawake International, entitled Ascension Ultra 2010 Edition.  It is a larger and more complex project than the previous base, introducing new functionality and an all new look and layout.  All the models and textures are being improved, as has the interactivity and practical functionality of the base, including UCGO, UMMU and an Ascension Tower MFD.

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Project Information Archive

Phase 1

Phase 1 has been completed and is available for download as Ascension Island V2.1.

In order for AIA to research and launch its own intended space missions, the program requires two things:

1) A suitable R&D, assembly and launch facility.

2) A Long Term financial investment.

Phase 1 of the project attempts to address both of these issues.

 Through private investment, convert Wideawake RAF base from a military airport into a multi-purpose space launch and tracking facility.

 Phase1 includes:-

-Construction of a General Purpose Launch Structure, capable of launching a wide range of launcher sizes.

-Upgrade/update of Cold War era runway and airport infrastructure.

 Wideawake’s appealing location and flexible facilities will then be made available for hire to space agencies the world over, in order to finance AIA’s own R&D and space missions

Phase 2 and beyond

Phase 2 has been completed and is available for download as Wideawake International.

 In Phase 2, the base shall see a drastic development and expansion; tracking and assembly facilities; additional launch pads; winged launch and landing infrastructure; space freight handling.  Project Toehold now also requires the base to be able to support and run the XR5 Vanguard.  Hangars, maintenance facilities and launch infrastructure are currently being developed. It is likely that the runway and base layout will have to be reworked for this too.  This redevelopment is will see the base renamed to Wideawake International.

Download Ascension Island HERE

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