This blog is a repository for all my stuff pertaining to the Orbiter Simulation.

Read entries to find out more about my fictitous Ascension Project addons and personal space program, Ascension International Aerospace.

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Visit AIA blog for info on the Company.

Visit Ascension Island addons for info on the Wideawake Launch Facility.

Visit Toehold Project addons for info on AIA’s space station program

Visit AIA addons for info on AIA’s space program.

Visit Other Orbiter Addons for info on AIA’s involvement with out-of-house projects.


Thanks for visiting,

wehaveaproblem AKA Tom Fisher


2 responses

28 09 2010
Dan Alm

Dear wehaveaproblem i would like to use ascension base in a planetary system i have created.
We can negotiate accreditation if you please.

28 09 2010

Hi there,

You are more than welcome to use Ascension/Wideawake however you like, just credit me and provide a link to the OH download.

So AIA have moved to another galaxy? cool!


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