Other projects

22 06 2007

I’ve just started to get involved with 2 other Orbiter community projects alongside my own Ascension Project.

I still plan to have my own UKSSP stuff as priority, but love a good collaboration.

So, soon I will post up info about my progress with those projects too, which are:

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V.2 progress update

22 06 2007

Things are coming along at a nice calm pace 😉

Just thought I would post a few notes and some screens of the new extension to the base: The Heavy Lifter Facility.

Still some models to add and tweak, but the new concrete surface is down and the buildings are almost done.  It’s all looking a bit grey, but that will change with a few more custom textures to be added.

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Version 2 in progress

16 06 2007

I’ve started work on version 2 of Ascension today.

I’m using a flat mesh to cover the old buildings on the surface tiles with a fresh layer of concrete, on which will go the new rocket assembly and base logistics facilites. I’m using mostly standard blocks for the base, but applying custom textures to them. The first Launch structures in place are the buildings from jekka & Momo’s Ariane6 concept addon. This represents the heavy-lifter infrastructure on Wideawake.

here are some of the new custom textures:


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Version 1 released!

15 06 2007

Ascension Island version 1 Cold War Era has finally been released!

This version recreates the Cold War Era Wideawake Airfield on Ascension Island.

It can be found here at orbithanger.

For those interested, the development thread can be found here on the Orbiter forums.

Planning of version 2 is underway and building will start this weekend. It’s gonna be more substantial than the current one so may take me a few weeks to complete and will include meshes from other moders too. It represents Phase 1 of the UKSSP’s Ascension Project. I’m reasonably pleased with version 1, although it’s not as perfect as I’d like.

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Ascension’s sister island

12 06 2007

When deciding where to put my new base, I selected Ascension Island from a short list of British Overseas territories. However, now I am also now thinking of making the base that was #2 on the shortlist: Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

Diego Garcia

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Phase 2 and beyond

12 06 2007

Phase 2 and beyond: UKSSP potential future projects.

Once Phase 1 of the Ascension Project is complete, the UKSSP will embark on its own R&D programs for space missions.

At this stage possible future programs are only in the ideas/concept stage. (All will be released as near-future style addons).

UKSSP intends for all its space vessels to be modular in design, with each component being as small and light as possible to allow for cheaper launches from lighter rockets. Whether a purpose built rocket is designed, or whether existing launchers are to be adapted for future vessels is as yet undecided.

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Ascension Island Addon V.1 completed

12 06 2007

Version 1 of Ascension Island is now complete and awaiting clearance at Orbithanger.  Once it is available for download I will announce it’s release.  Version 2 is now underway:

Here are some images of Version 1: Ascension Island Cold War Era

[click to enlarge images]




Ascension Island Addon

12 06 2007

My Ascension Island addon will be released in multiple versions.

Version 1 will create the basic island and airbase, an interpretation of how it was during the Cold War era. The addon will include:-

-Surface Tiles for the Island itself.

-Various geographical meshes; hills, craters and a mountain mapped to the island.

-A 13000ft runway, various hangers and buildings to create RAF Wideawake airbase.

-Scenarios including an aborted shuttle Launch from KSC with emergency landing at Wideawake.

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Ascension Island

12 06 2007

Real World Information

Ascension Island is a British Oversees Territory in the South Atlantic (W14.22 S7.70).

Wideawake Airfield is situated in its South West corner and is currently used as an RAF military Base with some civilian/government activity also.

The runway may also be used as an emergency landing site for NASA shuttles.

The island is home to NASA, GPS and ESA Tracking Stations.

My Ascension Island addon utilizes the island in 2 contexts:-

– A cold War era Shuttle Emergency Landing Site

– A modern/near future fictional Space launch/landing Facility