Toehold Project on the drawing board… again.

22 02 2008

Ok, so following my last announcement, there is a chance I will start work on a new orbiter project. At the moment the Toehold Project is getting a revisiting and is currently in the design stage.

The current concept is to create a substantial (near-future style) Lunar stop-off station in LEO around Earth, on a lunar plane. It is designed to be a ‘half-way house’ for the exploration and colonization of the Moon.

The project has been on the back burner for ages and is now getting a thorough re-visiting. Users will be able to build up the station in sections, as per the mission plan, over a series of flights, or combine the pieces into their own design, or simply use a completed station mesh in any way they like. The XR5 Vanguard and Ascension Island are the selected vessel and launch site of choice to fly the construction missions, although some other launchers may also be suitable should the user prefer. If all goes to plan I will get this project finished in a few months… if all goes to plan… 😉

This may also include making a Vanguard expansion pack for Ascension Island, in order to properly cater for the beast!

I will keep this blog updated with project development as and when it appears.