New rig up and running

23 10 2007

I have my new PC up and running, and so far have had no real trouble with Vista64 and compatability.  I plan to start some dev work again in the coming week.  The BDB will get finished, however I’m also hiring out AIA services to the Altea Aerospace and the XR5 Vanguard project, should they be required – this will take priority over the BDB in the short term.

A note on the BDB:  Texturing is almost complete, so the next major job is coding it’s SC3 and Multistage files.  Then of course I plan to make the space station modules for the first stage in the Toehold project.  Although I will likely release the BDB without payload as a beta format, once it is ready to fly/test.


PC trouble

3 10 2007

My PC broke at the end of last week, so all work has ground to a halt. New machine should be up and running shortly, so hopefully dev can resume next week.