Dockyard installation almost complete

27 10 2012

It seems the shareholders’ ruffled feathers caused the Dockyard facility development to leapfrog to near completion in under 24 hours!

I took this shot from my helicopter earlier today during monorail transfer tests.


Dockyard under construction

25 10 2012

Work started on the Ascension Island Dockyard today (the shareholders were keen to point out the development is well behind schedule!).

The Dockyard facility is designed for quick processing of all oceanic freight, with special focus on container cargo for XR-5 operations.  The crane and monorail system allows for speedy and efficient passage of container freight from docked ships to the AU internal road cargo network and vice versa.  In addition, the docks provide ship maintenance and refuelling capabilities and a Marina for business and leisure moorings.

At present, the Dockyard will be a static mesh, with no actual functionality.  However, this may change in the future, and it will have eye-candy animations.

Here are some CAD shots of the basic design.


crane with monorail being loaded

monorail being unloaded for transfer to trucks

AIA thanks Loru for leasing of the crane mesh.