Orbiter Racing League is go go go!

21 07 2009

AIA is proud to present the Orbiter Racing League, where brave pilots can pit their wits and skills against each other in the most dangerous sport of them all…. rocket powered racing!

orrl NEW logo small

The first version of the offline content has been released.  It allows checkpoint racing against the clock, in an effort to get the best time of all orbiter pilots!

This pack includes:-
-Racing Checkpoint MFD (by computerex)
-Baloon Gate, spectator stand and sponsor board meshes
-2 different race types
-4 different races
-XR2 Racing Skins


If there is enough interest I will start up a League Table, either here or on the Orbiter Forum, so people can compete to have the best time.  If you are interested in multiplayer racing, please hunt out the forum group for information on how.

The addon can be downloaded here