20 12 2012

AIA received a rather amusing letter today which we thought our readers might appreciate:

“Dear Mr We Have a Problem,
Please accept this post as a request for a reimbursement payment for the new graphics card I have had to buy myself for Christmas. Following the release of images of the new version of your add on scenery, a requirement existed to upgrade my old card to something which can show your forthcoming release in all it’s shining glory. While we accept the fact that I am able to display your present release, this does not release you from any blame for the overwhelming desire I have to be able to be be able to do justice to the new version when realised. Indeed it is my intention to seek redress in a separate claim for the hours spent enjoying said add on, thinking “This is so much better than any thing I could do”.

This party acknowledges that you have released items from the aforesaid “WideAwake” to be used on self devised add ons but contends that this simply shows ones own “bits” up for the junk they are. This in turn simply fosters the dream that one would be able to humbly gaze on its newer improved manifestation. 

To this end this party feels that we had no option but to make ready for your enhanced and eagerly awaited release. If you are to dangle such fine examples of great work in front of us, you have to pay the price.

It has been pointed out that one does not have to download it when its finished. Our counterpoint simply states that having seen and loved the existing version, not getting ready for the new one is just madness.”

Courtesy of paddy2 on the Orbiter Forum


AIA thanks paddy2 for his time and (backhanded) compliments.  Read on to see AIA’s response.

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A random thank you from AIA

1 07 2012

I just checked up on the WIN version of Wideawake on Orbit Hangar, to find that it has had 16,788 downloads  since December ’08.

I’m sure the vast majority of those are double, triple, quadruple downloads, when people reinstall or get a new pc etc.   But still… it’s a healthy amount of downloads, and puts the base at #25 in the list of all-time most downloaded addons on OH.  And that’s for a base… where you spend 1% of your Orbiter time!

So that makes AIA quite a chuffed company, and quite a surprised one in truth.  So thank you to all AIA followers and WIN users.  AIA would be out of business without you.

Is that a JCB?

7 06 2012

Work started in earnest today after the huge setback which saw development cease on Ascension.

To cut a long story short, the Green-Turtle Protection League are now happy and the JCBs have rolled back onto site.


Expect more updates in the near future, and a beta hopefully within the month.

Ascension Project Update

19 03 2010

AIA can now release the following news about a new Ascension project phase: Ascension Ultra (working title).

This is a seperate project to the existing Wideawake International.

This project aims to build a high definition, interactive and functional base that incorporates some advanced Orbiter features.

  • Project Features:
    • dll controlled vessel base
    • Base Control MFD
    • All New High poly meshes
    • All New High res textures
    • Interactive animations and cargo functionality
    • UMMU and UCGO compatible

The project source will also act as a test bed for the future Toehold Project.

The project is currently in closed development, more information will be revealed once it is well under way.

Press Release

4 02 2010

At this time, AIA would like to state that any projects it is working on are strictly confidential.  If we were working on, for example, the next generation of spacebase we would not release information until we felt the time was appropriate.  Any rumours that involve the words “Ascension” and “Ultra” have not been propogated by AIA.  Currently, we neither confirm or deny any knowledge of such a project.

Technical difficulties delay works

13 09 2009

RL has been very busy for me lately, so WIN update dev has been delayed.  I really want to get it done soon though, so I can start work on the Lunar base.

Rebranding of the Racing Project

9 03 2009

Due to powers beyond my control (lawyers), I have been forced to rebrand our Orbiter racing development.  So for now it has been branded the Orbiter Racing Project (ORP), which may change into something sexier later on.

I just want to say to any of those few readers that I have, that this project to-date was never endorsed by the real Rocket Racing League(TM) and was never intended to compete against it… But it seems our uber creative skills at developing free open-source content for a free virtual spaceflight simulator aimed at increasing people’s interest in real space technology and engineering, convinced somebody that we were however.


Quiet again

26 02 2009

As any followers of my addon dev will have noticed, I have gone quiet… again.  This happens.  My development comes in fits and starts, partly due to RL, partly due to my creative motivations.  But I’m sure I will return to things in due course, as before.

Thanks for all the downloads and support for my work so far, I’m glad my offerings are used and enjoyed by some.


Beyond Phase 2…

16 12 2008

Now that Wideawake International is operational, Phase 2 of the Ascension Project is complete.  This marks an important step for AIA.  Although there are some plans for further expansion of the Wideawake base, they are not short term goals and therefore are not next on the development agenda.  It is time for AIA to turn it’s gaze away from Earth…

Currently, AIA are focusing time to the following areas:-

-Orbiter Rocket Racing League – KSC-WIN Time Trial Challenge

-Toehold Project – development of core station module

-XR5 Payloads – HOOP and other projects

-General R&D – AIA has a few other projects on the drawing board

It is likely that the ORRL time trials will be the next release from AIA, hopefully by the new year.  Following that will come the more substantial Toehold Project.  It is, as yet, undecided what shall be developed and produced first to support this effort.  But it is known that the Jupiter V-X (by AndyMC) and the XR-5(by dbeachy & RussH) have been selected as the operational vessels for the project.

Wideawake Video by Tex

9 12 2008

One of the most renowned video makers in the Orbiter Community, Tex, made the following video featuring Wideawake Interntional.  AIA would like to thank him for choosing our island for his artistic endevours!