Toehold Project

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Project Update: All current development is on hold until Ascension Ultra (Ascension Project) is complete.


The Toehold Project is the first step in AIA’s intended future space missions, ultimately targeting habitation and exploitation of the moon. The Project involves 3 seperate phases which will develop and implement the required infrastructure for the Foothold Project, which will follow. The Toehold Project aims to take the lessons learnt during the Hard Days Work missions and use the knowledge to place a sizable space station in high LEO around Earth, positioned on the lunar plane, intended to be the staging point for later lunar projects. It’s design will also allow for private companies to supply there own modules to AIA for inclusion, including space tourism companies and various scienctific groups.

Phase 1

The first phase involves developing and constructing of the basic space station in LEO around Earth. Private use of the stations facilities will further finance following phases.  Construction of this Phase has now begun.

Phase 1 will consist of:-
-Substantial volume of solar arrays and nano capacitor banks.
-Habitation and sanitation modules to support a permenant crew of at least 20.
-‘Guest’ quarters to support at least 16 visiting astronauts or space tourists.
-Greenhouse modules for growth of food, experimentation and oxygen production.
-Numerous scientific modules for orbital experimentation.
-Deep space telescope and various communication facilities.
-Ample storage platforms for required food, water gasses, fuel and interplanetary cargo.
-Spinal Robotic arm, capable of reaching every area of the station.
-Docking facilities for the XR5, XR1 and DG derivative type craft.

Phase 2

Once phase 1 is completed and operational, and turnover being made, AIA will expand the station in preperation for stage 3.

The expansion will include:-
-Increasing the overall capacity of the station so it can support a larger permenant crew and more visitors.
– Further scientific and similar modules to attract further research groups.
-The possibility of a powered centrufuge for gravitational experiments and crew wellfare.
-The construction of the Phase 3 scafold framework .

Phase 3

The first two phases will prepare AIA for the final, most important and substantial, phase: The construction of a spacecraft/station capable of TLI to reach orbit around the Moon. It will be constructed completely in orbit, with modules and components shipped up from Earth, built on the scafold framework from Phase 2. This station, once complete, will become a fundamental part of the Foothold Project and be the base of operations for lunar exploration. More details of the station’s capabilities and implementation will be released at a future date.

Operational Vessel

Following a rigourous and lengthy assessment process, AIA has chosen the Altea Aerospace XR5 Vanguard to be the mission vessel of choice. It’s capabilities, reliability and cargo capacity have proven to be the most suitable for AIA’s needs. The two agencies are currently discussing the purchase of a number of the XR5 and XR1 craft for the AIA Toehold fleet. Expansion of the Wideawake facility to accomodate the craft is being drawn up as Phase 2 of the Ascension Project.

Modular addon

The Toehold spacestation will be modular in design. Which means the addon will come with a set of scenarios through which the intended AIA configuraion can be constructed. However, there will be nothing stopping users from picking and chosing what they like and assembling it in a way they choose. The addon will also include all the seperate components and modules as individual meshes, as well as various single meshes of the station after various construction phases. It is as yet unknown if the animated meshes will be Spacecraft3 or dll based.


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