25 09 2007

Another little update showing the new SRB details and mounting brackets.

The whole mesh (exluding payload) is under 5k polys, I plan to use textures to add the real detail.

Texturing should start today or tomorrow.


BDB mesh progress

23 09 2007

Little update:

30metre, 2-part split fairing is done, some other general detail added.

Most of the mesh is now complete, some tweaking/additional detail, multiple fairing sizes and texturing to do now. Then on with multistage coding. ETA for completion about a week.

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Big Dumb Booster in development

19 09 2007

Today I started work on AIA’s Big Dumb Booster, a launcher designed for the company’s future Toehold Project Space Station Modules.

The Launcher is loosely based on the 2 stage BDB from Stephen Baxter’s “Space” novel.  It’s design utilises decomissioned shuttle components following the program’s end in 2010.  The basic principle is to use the existing technology in an altered format in order to lift large payloads to LEO.  Designed as one shot, cheap launch systems with no unnecessary components, they are unlikely to be reusable (except SRBs).

In short, 4 SSMEs are attached to the bottom of a modified ET with a second stage payload mounted on top.  2 standard SRBs are bolted to the side for additional launch lift.  The thrust and fuel numbers are similar to the current shuttle, so the second stage payload mass will be comparable to the total mass of the existing orbiter.

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alive and kicking

17 09 2007

I’m out of hospital and things look good.  Gonna still be on a low-key thing for another week or so, but should hopefully be back and modding soon.  Had a few ideas for things I might do, so watch this space if you like my work.

Off-duty for a while

9 09 2007

I’m going into hospital for an operation on Tuesday (11th), so will be away from the community and modding for at least a week, then probably lying low for another week or 2 after that.

Just want to say thank you to anyone who has downloaded my addons and shown support for, and enjoyment of, my projects – it is what makes it all worthwhile.

Resolve International Released

5 09 2007

I have finally finished the Resolve International zip package and uploaded it to Orbithangar.

It can be downloaded HERE

Please read enclosed documentation for detailed information regarding installation, other required addons, guidance file, engine configurations and vessel controls. You will also find mission details for the Hard Days Work scenarios.


Here is some info:

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Resolve International

5 09 2007

I have dubbed my new Resolve recode the Resolve International.

I spent today putting together the mission scenario content pack “Hard Days Work”.  So now the guidance, ini, scenario and sound files are all completed and documentation is done.

Release is gonna hopefully be tomorrow.

Resolve launch sounds

4 09 2007

Spent some time making launch chatter for the content pack guidance file.  I’ve used a free voice vox thing, so it isn’t perfect.  But it adds some interest and personality to the auto-launch.  I hope to record ‘real’ radio chatter for the Resolve dll, so this is just an indication of intention… again another test bed.

Should have the content pack stuff finished up tomo.  Then just some more flight testing and documentation before release.

Resolve Content Pack

3 09 2007

As you may or may not know, the excellent Resolve by Donamy is currently getting a new lease of life (by Donamy, Russ and myself), with it’s own dll, better flight physics, a finished mesh, custom panels etc. This project will take a while, so in the mean time I am working on an interim version of the ship.

At present the Resolve is very easy to use in orbit due to huge engines and masses of fuel, and drops like a stone in the atmosphere. So, I am addressing these things in my content pack.

The pack will include:-

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