Resolve Content Pack

3 09 2007

As you may or may not know, the excellent Resolve by Donamy is currently getting a new lease of life (by Donamy, Russ and myself), with it’s own dll, better flight physics, a finished mesh, custom panels etc. This project will take a while, so in the mean time I am working on an interim version of the ship.

At present the Resolve is very easy to use in orbit due to huge engines and masses of fuel, and drops like a stone in the atmosphere. So, I am addressing these things in my content pack.

The pack will include:-

-New/Heavily tweaked Spacecraft3 files readressing engine and aerodynamic issues.

*A more accurate aerodynamic model based on the dimensions of the Resolve mesh. (Test flights have her gliding beautifully!).

*Multiple versions representing different engine configurations; All 6 main engines (Launch power), 4 main engines (Mars transfer?), 2 main engines (lunar transfer?), OMS engines (orbital manouvers). (The full dll version will have panel controls for this, but multiple spacecraft3 vessels will have to suffice until then).

*Drastically reduced fuel load.

*Tweaked robot arm position.

Guidance file for auto-launch from Ascension into a stable orbit on a lunar plane.

– Custom sound files for guidance file to make auto-launch slightlymore absorbing/interesting.

Generic scenarios for all the different configurations at launch, orbit and reentry etc.

Mission Scenarios plotting the construction of a small orbital refueling station on a lunar plane (this will require other addons). This is to provide some more Resolve based content and for my own orbital tests for future AIA missions.

Things are progressing well, so I am hoping to get this finished and released within a day or two.

NB: This is my take on the Resolve and, although I have permission, does not necessarily represent the creative desires of Donamy or reflect how the finished dll version will fly.  However it does allow me to illustrate what concepts we are going to code into the Resolve and how it might handle.  Spacecraft3 is a convenient test bed.




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