Landscaping begins

19 05 2008

Ground works have begun on Ascension Island.

Just a little teaser shot of the concrete floor plan laid down for Wideawake International. It shows the 2 main runway positions and marks the areas where spaceport facilities will be built (coloured areas). The old launch facility is in the far corner.

This is early artwork to confirm the layout. More detailed work will be done, as will the addition of the domestic runway. Currently the debate is whether to resite the vertical launch facility or place the 3rd runway further north.


Ascension Project Phase 2

18 05 2008

AIA is curently planning the considerable Phase 2 building works that will upgrade the Wideawake Launch Facility on Ascension Island, in readiment for the Toehold Project.  When the work is complete, the spaceport will be renamed Wideawake International.

The work includes considerable re-landscaping of the south west corner of the island and dramatic expansion of the Wideawake facility to make it a viable, large capacity spaceport for the future.  This includes infrastructure to support a wide range of launch and landing needs including vessels that represent the future of space flight, Altea Aerospace’s XR series craft especially.

Once phase 2 is complete the facility will have the following infrastructure:

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