Other projects

22 06 2007

I’ve just started to get involved with 2 other Orbiter community projects alongside my own Ascension Project.

I still plan to have my own UKSSP stuff as priority, but love a good collaboration.

So, soon I will post up info about my progress with those projects too, which are:

Manifest Destiny.

With Simfly’s input I am constructing the European Space Facility for the MD universe. It’s going to be on the Cabo Blanco peninsula on the coast of Western Africa. At the moment I am working on the surface tiles in various resolutions and will post pics once they are done. Then the base construction will begin proper.

Space Station Collaboration.

As yet my exact contribution to this project is undecided, though I’m quite keen to model the toilet and waste disposal module… Don’t ask me why. So i will post about that build if it happens too.




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