Ascension Ultra Open Beta

26 08 2014

Let me just clear the dust off this blog for a moment… *cough* * sneeze*… there’s a lot of it!


So, yes, development has largely remained on a plateaux for a long time now, and that is not likely to change in any major way any time soon unfortunately.  That said, last month myself and face decided to open the current beta and make it fully public.  So anyone can now download it and try/use it.  With that decision also came some cool updates from face, so the LFMC is now operational, with the guided launch wizard, animations, beacons and ATC chatter (with synth voice option!).  So the meat of the project is done and working.

There is very little place holder stuff in there now, so it certainly looks how it should, and for the most part it works like it should too.  It is a true beta, not a broken alpha.

For more information about the latest 0.4 update visit the Orbiter forum post here.

The current build can be downloaded from the bitbucket repo.


The project is still open source, under GNUGP LICENSE, so feel free to contribute to the project if you want and can.  You can always start a new fork on the repo.  Myself and face still check the dev thread so post there if you have any questions, requests, or wish to get involved.

As I have said before during dev hiatuses, this is a not a dead project, but the word hiatus is being used to the maximum!  I do hope to come back to it, and I still love the project, but my time and creative juices are elsewhere at the moment.






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