20 12 2012

AIA received a rather amusing letter today which we thought our readers might appreciate:

“Dear Mr We Have a Problem,
Please accept this post as a request for a reimbursement payment for the new graphics card I have had to buy myself for Christmas. Following the release of images of the new version of your add on scenery, a requirement existed to upgrade my old card to something which can show your forthcoming release in all it’s shining glory. While we accept the fact that I am able to display your present release, this does not release you from any blame for the overwhelming desire I have to be able to be be able to do justice to the new version when realised. Indeed it is my intention to seek redress in a separate claim for the hours spent enjoying said add on, thinking “This is so much better than any thing I could do”.

This party acknowledges that you have released items from the aforesaid “WideAwake” to be used on self devised add ons but contends that this simply shows ones own “bits” up for the junk they are. This in turn simply fosters the dream that one would be able to humbly gaze on its newer improved manifestation. 

To this end this party feels that we had no option but to make ready for your enhanced and eagerly awaited release. If you are to dangle such fine examples of great work in front of us, you have to pay the price.

It has been pointed out that one does not have to download it when its finished. Our counterpoint simply states that having seen and loved the existing version, not getting ready for the new one is just madness.”

Courtesy of paddy2 on the Orbiter Forum


AIA thanks paddy2 for his time and (backhanded) compliments.  Read on to see AIA’s response.

Dear Mr Paddy,

Re: your pursuit of recompense for financial outlays made in the light of the WIN AU development.

Please be assured that why AIA is genuinely touched by your admiration of our work and pleased you are eagerly anticipating its availability to the public, we are concerned that said development could endanger the financial stability of its users. While we admire your desire to secure hardware capability sufficient to fully realise the functionality and aesthetic beauty of WIN AU, we would in no way expect end-users to undermine their financial security in pursuit of this. We would therefore like to point you towards our opening statements at the start of the AU development cycle in which we clearly laid down the requirement for higher end machines, by comparison to the requirements of the current WIN release.

The reality is this project has taken years of development to date and you have therefore had plenty of time in which to make financial preparations and allowances. Our legal team has advised us that your late discovery of the development is not our responsibility and we therefore cannot be held responsible for any financial woes you may incur at this stage.

However as a sign of good will we are willing to discuss the inclusion of a billboard or similar advertising space, on which you can display your concerns and opinions to the public. If you wish to take us up on this offer please send a private message to AIA directly.

Furthermore it is not the intention of AIA to highlight the crapitude of one’s own addon endeavours, but rather to give them attractive and functional buildings in which at least to hide them!





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