Hangars and bureaucracy

9 06 2012

Work continues apace.  With the last of the hard-top finally laid, the last of the hangars could be erected, bringing the base’s compliment to 20:  3 x Turn-Around, 6 x Small Lease, 3 x Large Lease, 4 x Large Storage, 4 x Auxiliary.  Along with the hangars has come the necessary administration and office buildings and the bureaucrats are moving in.  The two Vertical Launch Complexes have also been built, and Techies are currently running cabling and writing code all across the base to bring the functionality online.  Initial tests are going well and prove the software and hardware to be working as intended.

another day, another step forward

If things continue to go as per the roadmap, we are hoping to have the first beta test release by the end of this month.




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