Winged Launch Complex Complete

16 08 2009

AIA are proud to announce theat the new Winged Launch Complex (WLC) is complete and was successfully yested today.  With this work done, development of WIN is still on track – the update should be available by next weekend.

Here is a shot of the WLC test-firing the sound supression system in the new Blast Deflection Tunnel.  In the background you can also just see some of the new paving work done at the pre-flight area.

WLC completed, SSS is succesfully tested.

WLC completed, SSS is succesfully tested.

T-1s, Night Launch

T-1s, Night Launch




2 responses

20 08 2009

does it redirect the smoke/ vents, or is that just an effect?

22 08 2009

The Orbiter engine unfortunately doesn’t allow for genuine deflection/redirection, so this is a common trick used in Orbiter. Basically what you are seeing is some cunningly positioned attitude thrusters with 0 power for the sound suppression (clicking on retrograde activates them). The lights are main thrusters with 0 power and just a textures, no contrail.

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