WIN Launch Structure Development (updated)

8 08 2009

Building works on the new winged launch structure for Wideawake International is underway.

The complex will be built over the end of the launch runway.  It will offer a final pre-launch observations and preperation staging area, UMMUFA passenger departure lounge, animated launch blast shields and possible night lighting.  The animated blast shields and UMMUFA building will be a seperate vessel that can integrate into the standard launch structure via the scenario file.

Alongside this development comes a re-paved pre-launch area, corrections to beacon arrays, invisible landing pads for vessel placement and a few other tweaks and fixes to the base in general.

Here is a development pic of the launch structure so far.  Visible is the basic staging area (to which the UMMU building will adjoin) and the transistion to the launch position.  The blast door structure will be added to the far end of the building.

launch structure dev1

Here is a new dev pics of the blast shielding, in open and closed configuration.  Also visible is the outline for the Launch Control and Passenger Terminal Building.

launch structure dev2

Further Update, after a lick of paint.  The first test lauch.

launch structure dev3




One response

15 08 2009

i cannot wait for this addon. i have always thought that wouldnt the blast from the spac ships engines fry the buildings behind them, and the addition of invisible launch pads to make lining up ships easier is very good.

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