Rebranding of the Racing Project

9 03 2009

Due to powers beyond my control (lawyers), I have been forced to rebrand our Orbiter racing development.  So for now it has been branded the Orbiter Racing Project (ORP), which may change into something sexier later on.

I just want to say to any of those few readers that I have, that this project to-date was never endorsed by the real Rocket Racing League(TM) and was never intended to compete against it… But it seems our uber creative skills at developing free open-source content for a free virtual spaceflight simulator aimed at increasing people’s interest in real space technology and engineering, convinced somebody that we were however.





2 responses

20 08 2009

well so long as it didnt involve having to pay anything, but it does needs a new name, like “wackey spacers” or something funny

22 08 2009

No charges, financial or otherwise were raised, I just had to honour their request for a name change, which I gladly did.

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