ORRL development going well

31 12 2008

All things regarding the ORRL are going very well and development is coming on apace.

There will now be two seperate releases of this addon:

AIA ORRL package: This will contain all the necessary content for OFFLINE play only.  It will allow you to fly all the courses against the clock, either for practice/fun or for entry into the Offline league tables.  This package is essentially complete, technically.  It just requires finalisation of courses, the RCPMFD and documentation.  It will be released as soon as the beta is complete in the new year.

SF ORRL OMP package: This is a larger, collaborative and open source effort between multiple Orbiter developers and contributers.  This is aimed at the ONLINE multiplayer side of the ORRL, using Face’s OMP server/client architecture.  Once the project is out of early beta and running as intended, we plan to run MP sessions, with league tables, for Orbitnauts to join in and race or just spectate.  This project will take longer than the offline version to establish and will be an ongoing developmental project.

Here are some screens of a new racing skin I have been playing with for the XR2, featuring the ORRL sponsors to date.




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