Beyond Phase 2…

16 12 2008

Now that Wideawake International is operational, Phase 2 of the Ascension Project is complete.  This marks an important step for AIA.  Although there are some plans for further expansion of the Wideawake base, they are not short term goals and therefore are not next on the development agenda.  It is time for AIA to turn it’s gaze away from Earth…

Currently, AIA are focusing time to the following areas:-

-Orbiter Rocket Racing League – KSC-WIN Time Trial Challenge

-Toehold Project – development of core station module

-XR5 Payloads – HOOP and other projects

-General R&D – AIA has a few other projects on the drawing board

It is likely that the ORRL time trials will be the next release from AIA, hopefully by the new year.  Following that will come the more substantial Toehold Project.  It is, as yet, undecided what shall be developed and produced first to support this effort.  But it is known that the Jupiter V-X (by AndyMC) and the XR-5(by dbeachy & RussH) have been selected as the operational vessels for the project.




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