Resolve launch sounds

4 09 2007

Spent some time making launch chatter for the content pack guidance file.  I’ve used a free voice vox thing, so it isn’t perfect.  But it adds some interest and personality to the auto-launch.  I hope to record ‘real’ radio chatter for the Resolve dll, so this is just an indication of intention… again another test bed.

Should have the content pack stuff finished up tomo.  Then just some more flight testing and documentation before release.


Resolve Content Pack

3 09 2007

As you may or may not know, the excellent Resolve by Donamy is currently getting a new lease of life (by Donamy, Russ and myself), with it’s own dll, better flight physics, a finished mesh, custom panels etc. This project will take a while, so in the mean time I am working on an interim version of the ship.

At present the Resolve is very easy to use in orbit due to huge engines and masses of fuel, and drops like a stone in the atmosphere. So, I am addressing these things in my content pack.

The pack will include:-

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