Phase 1 complete

31 08 2007

Now that Phase 1 of the Ascension project has been completed, the company is looking forward to it’s own future space missions.

Project Toehold is the name given to the first of these.  It’s aim is the construction of a sizable orbital facility on or close to a plane with the moon at a height of about 500km.  The first stage of the station will be composed of SANCap power modules, currently in the design stage.  This will be followed by a concept refueling and docking module also in development.  Lastly will come testbed habitation modules.

Toehold is only a stepping stone in AIA’s plans, but it is a large one and must be tackled before further ideas can be realised.

It is, as yet, undecided whether a purpose built launch system will be used, or whether an exisiting launcher can meet the companies needs.  AIA is currently planning a sequence of tests for a new craft called the Resolve.  If these go well, the company may have no need to develope it’s own launcher.

News on the Resolve tests and project Toehold will be posted here as progress is made.




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