Version 2 released!

30 08 2007

Ascension Island Version 2 has been released!

The ZIP can be downloaded HERE




Please read enclosed documentation for installation instructions. It is important to follow them carefully for the addon to work properly.

Small update: v2.1 at orbithangar due to a date issue with inclosed scenarios causing timeline feature not to trigger. If you have v2.0 then just change scenario MJD to be later than 55197.000012 to solve problem.


Here is some more info about version 2.

Changes since v1:

-17 custom day and night textures for new AIA base buildings.

-Timeline Feature implemented.

-New general Purpose Launch Pad and VAB building.

-Topography meshes tweaked to be slightly more organic.

-Most of the clouds removed from Surface Tiles.

-AIA base runway extended and widened slightly (4.3km length).

-Several new Scenarios for each base version.

Addon Information

This addon now includes two versions of the Ascension Base: The original Cold War era Airbase (Version 1) and the all new Ascension International Aerospace Wideawake Launch Facility. I have implemented the Timeline feature to handle this, using the MJD scenario trigger. Therefore, any scenario with a MJD date before 01/01/2010 will have the original Airfield, any after this date will have the new AIA Launch Facility instead.

I have made a real effort to keep the poly count down, so the island should run smoothly on lower end machines (although I have not tested this).

The new Launch Pad

The GPLP is designed to be a flexible launch platform with interchangeable MLPs and a 130m tower. The MLP and animated gantry setups are spacecraft3 vessels loaded in the scenario file. Two different MLPs are included in this release: The General Purpose MLP and the Resolve Specific MLP. The gantry that ‘connects’ the Vessel to the tower can be controlled with spacecraft3 robotic arm controls. Therefore it can be raised and extended to the desired height for whatever launcher you are using. In future I might release more custom MLP’s for specific craft if there is demand.

Some more screenshots of release:

Cold War Era Airbase and New AIA Launch Facility




Harrier prepares for take off (Cold War era)



Ascension from the sky



AIA Ascension at night



New VAB complex



VAB complex at night



GPLP in General Purpose config



Resolve on GPLP (Resolve specific MLP)



Resolve night Launch


DG rolls down runway






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