V2: almost there

28 08 2007

VAB building is now done. It’s nothing too fancy, but functional and pretty enough.

Here’s a little teaser pic showing some Assembly and Admin Facilities, the rear of the VAB and the Launch Pad in the distance.


So, the to-do list looks something like this:-

-Remove cloud textures from surface tiles. DONE.

-Work mountain and crater meshes to be a little more organic. DONE.

-Sort out buildings that are not placed correctly. DONE.

-Do TAL abort scenario for Cold War base. NOT DONE.

-Implement Orbiter timeline feature for CWE and AIA base versions. DONE. (switch date set to 2010).

-Import custom building textures. DONE (17 new day and night for AIA base).

-Correct minor texture and mesh glitches. DONE.

-Create surface mesh for new concreted area for AIA base development. DONE.

-Place all new AIA base buildings and beacon arrays. NOTE QUITE DONE.

-Model General Purpose Launch Pad. DONE.

-Model multiple MLPs for GPLP. 2 DONE. (General Purpose and Resolve).

-Create new scenarios for AIA base and GPLP configurations. NOT DONE.

-Write new documentation. NOT DONE. (This needs to be more comprehensive).




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