Ascension V2 update

20 08 2007

Just a quick update on Version 2 progress.

I have decided to get this finished this week, completing Ascension Project Phase 1, so that I can concentrate on other AIA projects, but always have a base to work from.

Still to do:

-Complete new General Purpose launch facility and code the spacecraft3 for its moving parts.

-Build a simple VAB mesh.

-Tweak hill and mountain meshes to make them a little more organic.

-Reconvert all textures to better quality DDS for whole island.

-Tweak some crap, add a few more buildings and beacons and etc.

-Write new docs and repackage.

Here’s a few screens of unfinished work:

(The VAB shown here is a placeholder)



This is the unfinished pad. I still have some mesh and texture work to do.





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