Company Rebranding!

15 08 2007

Following initial investment and managerial development, the UKSSP has now been rebranded and restructured in an effort to establish itself within the marketplace and keep the company moving in the right direction.

The rebranding is part of a de-nationalisation of the company and a reflection of it’s current working practice and intended method of future operations. The shed has been closed and replaced with a clean room! However, the company fully intends to stick to its founding ethos and push forward its own space program – announcemens about “Project Toehold” are expected in the very near future. But also contracts are being drawn up for AIA’s involvement in out-of-house projects with other space agencies, where AIA is contributing technology and design concepts.

So, from now on, the company is to be known a:

Ascension International Aerospace

AIA logo


Further announcements about AIA’s current and future projects will be made in the comming days.  Although, it is clear that the full completion of the Wideawake Launch and Tracking Facility will take priority until completion in order to support all other projects and crystalise future investment.




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