Company and Projects Update

2 07 2007

Due to my involvement with other projects and demands of real life etc. I am considering a re-design of the UKSSP and its projects.

Under consideration is a name change and rebranding, re-launching the company as a private contractor for others, with no projects of its own as such. The company would construct bases and other components for other Orbitnaut’s projects and addons.

I think this set-up would suit my play style better atm. But decision is not yet made. For now I am spending time on other, non UKSSP, projects (and playing the game a bit!) and seing how things go as to how best to move on.

Ascension Island Version 2 is still in progress, though work has slowed a bit. However I plan to finish it, and further versions in future, as the one personal project I keep and as some kind of showcase for my base buildings skills. The base is also becoming the the Launch facility for a space station construction project I’m doing with Russ. It’s just a chance for us to actually play the game and uses all exisiting addon components. We are considering releasing the project as a package addon for people who want some more structured content to the game, with launch schedules, payload and scenario files, mission checklists etc.

Updates on all of this will follow in time.




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