V.2 progress update

22 06 2007

Things are coming along at a nice calm pace 😉

Just thought I would post a few notes and some screens of the new extension to the base: The Heavy Lifter Facility.

Still some models to add and tweak, but the new concrete surface is down and the buildings are almost done.  It’s all looking a bit grey, but that will change with a few more custom textures to be added.

I need to look into how to do nightlight textures too, so I can edit a couple of my textures to do this.  Although I may just intermingle a few standard buildings in there for sake of ease and night time atmosphere.  Having said that, I’m also now thinking of adding fake flood lights for night time launches (a la soyuz addon).  But this will come at the end if at all.

Once I’ve completed the heavy lifter facility I’m gonna start work on the General Purpose launch facility, with custom pad and VAB meshes built by me.  So hopefully the next phase of construction could be quite fun.  I’m not sure where to put the GP pad yet, it will either be on the flat land east of the heavy pad, or perhaps north of the runway, potentially situated in a crater mesh.  Decisions to come soon.

Here are some screens of the progress so far, showing the new heavy lifter facility.  It includes the fantastic VAB and pad meshes, courtesy of Jekka and Momo – from their Ariane6 concept addon.





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