Version 2 in progress

16 06 2007

I’ve started work on version 2 of Ascension today.

I’m using a flat mesh to cover the old buildings on the surface tiles with a fresh layer of concrete, on which will go the new rocket assembly and base logistics facilites. I’m using mostly standard blocks for the base, but applying custom textures to them. The first Launch structures in place are the buildings from jekka & Momo’s Ariane6 concept addon. This represents the heavy-lifter infrastructure on Wideawake.

here are some of the new custom textures:



The flight/mission planning offices previously on this site will be moved to a new site north of the runway and modernised.

The second area to be developed will be home to a smaller launch rig for lighter rockets. I plan to make this mesh myself. I’m also considering building it into one of the craters north of the runway, but not decided on that yet.

For the moment I am not going to include shuttle launch facilities as I don’t think it’s in keeping with the real world based concept (NASA are happy at KSC).

I’ve not decided if I am going to replace the small concrete hangers or whether to leave them there for posterity.

I’ve sorted out the glitchy hill mesh and plan to tweak the craters too if i can be arsed.




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