Version 1 released!

15 06 2007

Ascension Island version 1 Cold War Era has finally been released!

This version recreates the Cold War Era Wideawake Airfield on Ascension Island.

It can be found here at orbithanger.

For those interested, the development thread can be found here on the Orbiter forums.

Planning of version 2 is underway and building will start this weekend. It’s gonna be more substantial than the current one so may take me a few weeks to complete and will include meshes from other moders too. It represents Phase 1 of the UKSSP’s Ascension Project. I’m reasonably pleased with version 1, although it’s not as perfect as I’d like.

List of things I’m not happy with in version 1:

Cloud textures on surface tiles.

Hill meshes are very simple, crater meshes need to be more organic looking.

Not all base buildings are in place or perfectly aligned to tiles.

No TAL abort scenario.

No custom building textures or custom building meshes.

Few minor texture or mesh glitches not ironed out.

All theabove things will be re-addressed in version 2 and all the Ascension Project Phase 1 content will be added.




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