Ascension’s sister island

12 06 2007

When deciding where to put my new base, I selected Ascension Island from a short list of British Overseas territories. However, now I am also now thinking of making the base that was #2 on the shortlist: Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia is another British Territory with an airbase. Although this air/naval base is wholey owned and run by the US Military forces, not the UK. However, this island is on NASA’s lists of Shuttle TAL abort sites and also has GPS and NASA tracking stations in place. So, it also seems a good addition to the Orbiter base family, with UKSSP being able to cover both atlantic and Indian oceans.

The island is also very beautiful although a more awkward shape for tiling, though it also has no hills for meshes, so work will prob be equal to Ascension Island. As yet I am undecided whether to model this base after I release version 1 of Ascensio, or whether to complete version 2 and Phase 1 of the Ascension Project before building somewhere new.




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