Ascension Island Addon

12 06 2007

My Ascension Island addon will be released in multiple versions.

Version 1 will create the basic island and airbase, an interpretation of how it was during the Cold War era. The addon will include:-

-Surface Tiles for the Island itself.

-Various geographical meshes; hills, craters and a mountain mapped to the island.

-A 13000ft runway, various hangers and buildings to create RAF Wideawake airbase.

-Scenarios including an aborted shuttle Launch from KSC with emergency landing at Wideawake.

Version 2 will modify Wideawake into a fictional modern/near-future space Launch facility. The addon will include:-

– 3 Assembly and Launch facilities, for shuttle, light lifters and heavy lifters.

– Various custom meshes to represent the various tracking stations on the island.

– Scenarios for a number of launches from the base.

– Historical timeline implementation, so Orbiter will load the appropriate base cfg file as dictated by the date of the scenario.

-other small fixes and additions.

Version 2 will coincide with Phase 1 of the UKSSP’s Ascension Project. Read the UKSSP AP blogs to find out more on that.




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